Openingstijden ‘Atelier qrtskie’

Zin in een bezoekje aan ‘Atelier qrtskie’? Dat kan!

In november en december kan je op onderstaande data vrijblijvend terecht bij ‘Atelier qrtskie’.

  • Woensdag 10/11/2021 tot en met vrijdag 12/11/2021 van 16 u tot en met 19 u 30.
  • Dinsdag 16/11/2021 tot en met donderdag 18/11/2021 van 17 u 30 tot en met 19 u 30.
  • Woensdag 15/12/2021 tot en met vrijdag 17/12/2021 van 16 u tot en met 19 u 30.
  • Woensdag 22/12/2021 tot en met vrijdag 24/12/2021 van 17 u 30 tot en met 19 u 30.

Tot dan!

De zomervakantie is begonnen en we kunnen opnieuw genieten van de verschillende culturele activiteiten die op stapel staan.

Vorig jaar ging het eerste ‘Zomersalon – buy local’, een project van verschillende culturele instanties uit het Gentse, van start om de Gentse kunstenaars te steunen tijdens de covid-19 pandemie.

Ook dit jaar gaat ‘Zomersalon – buy local #2’ door en ook deze keer neem ik deel aan deze editie. Dit jaar zijn er 742 kunstenaars die deelnemen en alle werken zijn te koop, dus er is voor elk wat wils.

Het zomersalon 2021 gaat door van 2 juli tot 29 augustus in het Caermersklooster, Lange Steenstraat 14 in Gent. Je kan de werken ook online bezichtigen, voor meer informatie gebruik dan onderstaande linken.

Wat is er nog nieuw bij Atelier qrtskie? We hebben de website eens onder handen genomen om het allemaal een beetje overzichtelijker te maken, neem gerust eens een kijkje via onderstaande link.

Ik wens jullie alvast een zonnige en creatieve zomer.

Atelier qrtskie so far … part two.

After six months it’s time to make the balance. Atelier qrtskie still exists and that’s a victory, despite the fact that Covid-19 was ‘the boss’ last year. Running your own business is more than just creating, the paperwork is huge and one of the less pleasant things to do.

But we are looking foreward. Some changes have been done and some compromises are made.

What’s new?

Atelier qrtskie will start with a newsletter to keep you updated about upcoming events, dates when Atelier qrtskie is open and more.

Some of my paintings and photography are now available on IXXI in a limited edition of seven pieces. You can find them in the IXXI tab.

From the first of May it will be possible to visit Atelier qrtskie again by appointment.

Also we can announce the first exhibition of 2021. I will be attending in the May fair in Wondelgem. A group exhibition with thirty artists on sixty locations. More info about the May fair Wondelgem will be announced soon.

Atelier qrtskie is ready for the next six months! Keep visiting Ghent, a beautiful city and support your local artists and shops.

Atelier qrtskie so far…

It was mid-September when I finally started ‘Atelier qrtskie’. I knew it was a calculated risk to start, but the opportunity and the drive was there. For the time being Atelier qrtskie was more closed than open, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In October I was asked by Hans & Kelly from ‘Bijhuis Ghent’, a design store in the center of Ghent, if there was room for a collaboration. The idea is to give local artists a window in the center of Ghent where they can show their art.  A mix of art & design in one store. New worlds for everyone. The visitor gets a new ‘shopping’ experience and the artists & designers get a new public.

As for Atelier qrtskie, I have to rethink everything. Atelier qrtskie doesn’t have regular opening hours and open houses will no longer be possible in the near future. So I’m figuring out how to accommodate you in making it a total experience when visiting Atelier qrtskie. As for now a visit to Atelier qrtskie will not be possible till the first of January 2021. We have to make the best of it and see what opportunities we have in front of us.

Keep visiting Ghent, a beautiful city and support your local shops and artists.

BijHuis Ghent:

Yes, no, yes, yes, no. Yes!

It was half way March when I realy realized that it was 2020 and what kind of special year it would be.

Just like many people I had so many things planned. My head was and still is full of ideas and projects that I want to do. One of my projects was launching ‘Atelier qrtskie’. With some delay but I finally took the jump.

And more good news. Mid October I have a new exposition, you can see the result of my creative moments @ Bijhuis Ghent. The set up of my artwork @ Bijhuis Gent will be something new for me and them.  

More info to come

Zomersalon 2020

‘Zomersalon 2020 – buy local’, a group exhibition with more than 500 artists who are living in Ghent or have a strong connection with Ghent. One art piece per artist no matter what discipline. This in the center of Ghent in the Caermers monastery. My second exhibition of 2020 and by far the largest group exhibition that I participated in. You can still visit the exhibition till the end of august, for opening hours and more info check out the link below.

This is the painting that I submitted. It’s from the series Black & White.



Twenty twenty has been a good year so far in a creative way. I had an unexpected exposition in January & February at Lou- Lou Vintage & Art in Beveren-Waas. Something totally different as I’m used to just because of the concept of the store. Even when the store was closed you could see my works everyday for free. How cool is that it was a great experience. Thank you Ann & Bart for the opportunity it was great working with you two! Now working on a new artistic project, I will keep you posted on that. But first getting everything ready for a living room art/performance and a group exposition next month. This is in a collaboration with Cultuurplatform Wondelgem.

My artistic goals for 2020

My artistic goals for 2020? That’s an easy one! I’m going to try to use some more colors in my artwork. Mostly I work in black and white with a touch of red. We will see how that works out and what the result is at the end of 2020. Another goal is to keep you all more updated on what is happening in an artistic way. I wish everyone an artistic, colorful but most of all a healthy 2020!

Being productive

November was a productive month in an artistic way.  I started to use some new materials, it gave me many fails but also some new insights. ‘Liquid sadness’ is a result of those new insights, instead of using water I used the beer that I was drinking to get the texture that I wanted in my painting. I’m so happy with the result of this painting.

about the painting: acrylic on canvas, 30 cm x 30 cm (11.19,Wo)