Atelier qrtskie so far…

It was mid-September when I finally started ‘Atelier qrtskie’. I knew it was a calculated risk to start, but the opportunity and the drive was there. For the time being Atelier qrtskie was more closed than open, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In October I was asked by Hans & Kelly from ‘Bijhuis Ghent’, a design store in the center of Ghent, if there was room for a collaboration. The idea is to give local artists a window in the center of Ghent where they can show their art.  A mix of art & design in one store. New worlds for everyone. The visitor gets a new ‘shopping’ experience and the artists & designers get a new public.

As for Atelier qrtskie, I have to rethink everything. Atelier qrtskie doesn’t have regular opening hours and open houses will no longer be possible in the near future. So I’m figuring out how to accommodate you in making it a total experience when visiting Atelier qrtskie. As for now a visit to Atelier qrtskie will not be possible till the first of January 2021. We have to make the best of it and see what opportunities we have in front of us.

Keep visiting Ghent, a beautiful city and support your local shops and artists.

BijHuis Ghent:

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