Atelier qrtskie so far … part two.

After six months it’s time to make the balance. Atelier qrtskie still exists and that’s a victory, despite the fact that Covid-19 was ‘the boss’ last year. Running your own business is more than just creating, the paperwork is huge and one of the less pleasant things to do.

But we are looking foreward. Some changes have been done and some compromises are made.

What’s new?

Atelier qrtskie will start with a newsletter to keep you updated about upcoming events, dates when Atelier qrtskie is open and more.

Some of my paintings and photography are now available on IXXI in a limited edition of seven pieces. You can find them in the IXXI tab.

From the first of May it will be possible to visit Atelier qrtskie again by appointment.

Also we can announce the first exhibition of 2021. I will be attending in the May fair in Wondelgem. A group exhibition with thirty artists on sixty locations. More info about the May fair Wondelgem will be announced soon.

Atelier qrtskie is ready for the next six months! Keep visiting Ghent, a beautiful city and support your local artists and shops.

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